The aim is to simplify your property search. Making it as easy as AB.c to find your home. 

The search engine was developed to keep the interface simple and the process efficient. The results of your search is responsive and in real-time. 

The search function was designed from listening to you- our customers and partners. And we paired this off with our decades of experience to put together a search format relevant to your tastes and needs. 

Below is the user guide and a video if you would like to see how simple and eficient it is to navigate our search engine. 

Rent Condo
Rent Landed
Rent Commercial

User guide for our search tables:

There are filter boxes that allow you to select as many possibilites as you like. Perhaps you would like to narrow down your search parameters by “Location”, e.g.,  select “Beach Road”, “East Coast”, and “Shenton Way”.

Narrow it down and perhaps filter the “No. of Rooms”.  All this will display the results of your query in real-time. Your selection/s, e.g., “East Coast”, can also be deleted if no longer required. Just click on “East Coast”.

Each column header also allows you to click to ascend/descend the entire column. Perhaps the next step in your consideration would likely be price. Click the “Sale $” column header to display in ascending/descending order. You will now see the price range displayed accordingly. Feel free to play around and see the adjustments reflected in real-time.

We have provided a “Search” bar which allows you to further fine-tune your search. Try typing “MRT”. All the properties near MRT will display.

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